National Make a Friend Day!

Posted by Sushant Sengupta on

Celebrate National Make a Friend Day!

 February 11th is National Make a Friend Day, and we can think of no better way to celebrate this wonderful day than to commemorate the friendship and bond created by the two youngest members of our family, Rocky and Lucca.  It was two years ago this month that we rescued Lucca from a rescue located in Central Iowa.  Before that time, Rocky was “the boss baby”; but, we saw Lucca on the rescue’s website, and we knew that Rocky needed a brother. 

When we brought Lucca home, we were pretty convinced that Rocky thought he was just a temporary visitor.  Things were a little tense, but within a very short time, the two brothers were like peas in a pod.  They literally share everything, and they are very unhappy if they cannot be together at all times.

So, for National Make a Friend Day, consider adopting a new member of your family from a rescue or shelter.  With a little love, and maybe a few KOTA Pets treats, they will make your home complete, and provide years of love in return.

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