Complete Breeder's Journal w/ Custom Cover

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Our Complete Breeder's Journal is designed as a tool for the professional Dog Breeder. Created to be the ultimate way to document the history of your breeding. Space to document 4 litters of puppies per Dam and 8 puppies per litter (can add/subtract pages as needed). 

- Document Health Records of Dame & Sires

- Sire Agreement Contracts

- Pre-Breeding Health Testing

- 4 Litter Packs included

     - Sire Contracts (2 copies)

     - Pre-Breeding Health Testing

     - Mating/Pregnancy

     - Puppy Record (Necessary Information & Placement)

Upload your business information and logo to create a custom book cover on a pearl white background. If you need help please do not hesitate to contact us - We will confirm the design with you before we send out the book.

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